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About Us

Houtman (Howt-man) Watches is an Australian based watch company. 

Growing up on the coast of Western Australia it was almost inevitable that we as kids developed an interest in the outdoors, travel and being on the water; the outback adventure, remote camping and fishing. Whenever the opportunity arose, we were in the water or away camping somewhere. Through this we were taught the value of dependable gear, as well as a respect for the great outdoors.

Personally I have also always had a love for watches, the engineering, looks, the different styles, though found that watches available locally were either bulky, uncomfortable, expensive, or plain ugly. The nicer looking watches just weren’t up to the task - the straps on would break, or water would get inside and destroy the watch, making them unsuitable for even the lightest outdoor activities. These flimsy, yet relatively expensive, generic watches were a pain to replace them seemingly after every adventure.

We found a solution as a result of our frustration: establishing Houtman Watches in 2019. The goal; Creating watches that we could wear every day, a watch that would be as at home on the wrist down the beach as it is in the office, created for the genuine watch and outdoor lover. From this our first watch, the Pilbara Series, was born; A durable watch that could withstand the weekend warrior adventures, and one that just felt great on the wrist.

Today there are Houtman Watches in every corner of the globe, enjoyed by office workers and outdoor lovers alike. As our range expands past the original Pilbara Series with the likes of the Murchison watches, we have kept our goal of creating durable and reliable watches, ones we think look great too!

Good looking, reliable, well made - we wouldn't expect anything less from our timepieces.


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Houtman Australia Pty Ltd