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Premium swiss automatic wrist watches on wooden table, mens wrist watches

Houtman Watches Australia

All New Premium Murchison Series

Deep blue gradient dial dive watch with stainless steel bracelet

Houtman Watches Australia - Premium Timepieces

Our collection of high-end timepieces draw inspiration from Australia and the spirit of adventure. A variety of well made watches that are as at home on your wrist during a outback adventure as they are in the office. Each collection has its own unique personality

Swiss automatic watches on wooden desk. Australian watches one with salmon dial, one gloss black, one monochromatic and one grey dial.

Murchison Series

A stylish 40mm premium wrist watch, beautifully polished and brushed case, fitted with Swiss made Sellita automatic movement, and sapphire crystal. Seriously comfortable.

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Australian dive watches by Houtman Watches on light wood tray. Premium japanese movement, 200m water resistant, swiss luminova markers

Pilbara Series

A rugged and durable dive style watch, no longer does utility mean discomfort- well finished, high spec, comfortable, a touch of luxury in a true adventure watch.

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Houtman AUstralia Quartz Wrist watches

Quartz Gift Watches

A birthday present, a thank you for a co-worker or client, something fun for yourself - the Houtman gift watch has you covered!

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"It’s madness! Madness, I say! And yet, it is magnificent!" (Murchison River Lume)

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"I could pretty much call it that perfect everyday watch" (Pilbara Dive Watch)

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"One of the best I have ever seen! Stunning" (Pilbara Jade)

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Ningaloo station form the air, camping adventure, people camping on beach, boats on the shore, stingrays in the water

Designed to take you where the action is

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Special River Lume

Swipe to see the River Lume dial come alive!

Houtman Murchison river lume in daylight


watch dial glowing like a stained window