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We stand behind our products; your Houtman Watch timepiece watch is internationally warranted by  

Warranty Period: 

Mechanical watches (e.g. Pilbara Series, Murchison Series): 2 years from date of shipping.

Quartz (battery) watches (e.g. gift watch): 1 year from date of shipping. 

This warranty covers manufacturing and material defects, it does not cover:

  • Straps, glass or batteries
  • Internal or external damage from excessive wear, improper use or mishandling. 
  • Damage resulting from service provided from an unauthorised service agent
  • Damage resulting from normal wear and tear, impact, negligence, including but not limited to chips in the sapphire, scratches, or wearing away of strap or watch finishes, lume, or coatings.
  • Water damage resulting from improper use, such as exceeding watch maximum depth rating, or failure to screw-down crown.
  • We reserve the right to refuse warranty claims if our inspections reveals unauthorised service, improper use, or claims against water damage if our pressure testing indicate that seals are in working order. 

As we are a small business we do not offer refunds or returns for a change-of-mind, thank you for your understanding.


Tolerances and QA checks 

Dial, hands, watch fit and finish - when checking, we look for 'eye clean' at a distance of 30cm. 

Automatic movement accuracy - we check all watch movement prior to dispatch on a timegrapher.

Miyota 9000 series; all movements must be within -10 seconds per day and +30 seconds per day in order for us to release the watch. 
Sellita SW200all movements must be within +/- 30 seconds per day in order for us to release the watch. 


Note that with age, 'running in', and wear, automatic movements accuracy may change over time (+/-). Daily accuracy will also change depending on the position the watch is kept in, or spends most of the time in (face up, face down, crown down etc.). 


Bezel Alignment, where rotating bezel is fitted - bezel alignment tolerance is +/- 1 degree. 


Houtman watch specifications


For user manuals, please click here